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Learning from Dylan

An approach to understanding, supporting, and teaching children with complex sensory and medical needs 

Dylan, a young man with CHARGE Syndrome, is signing water as he sprays water on his plant in the redwood plantar box he made.

"Over the years, you have given me solid ground when all around things seemed to shift and to be off balance. You understood and provided practical help as well as research based guidance.  When I was ready to give up, you gave me a way to take action."

            Sue Koudelka, Grandparent

FREE 30 Minute Consultation

Dylan is one child, but he is also everyone's child, representing common challenges, and demonstrating solutions in action.  Tell me your "Dylan" story and we'll look together for influencing factors and solutions.  

Consultative support for those who want to know, "What can I do?"


When a child is stuggling and we - parents, teachers, or therapists - have done everything we know how to do to support them, we can feel powerless and hopeless.  Behavior based diagnoses, such as autism, Attention Deficit Disorder, or Obsessive Compulsive Disorder can be helpful in understanding the behavior or challenge, and may lead to helpful treatments, resources and connections.  On the other hand, they can also reinforce the belief that there is nothing we can do, because the student has (insert diagnosis here.)


Learning from Dylan is based on my belief that all people change moment by moment based on everything going on inside of and around them.  This Internal External model seeks to move beyond labels to sources of positive action. 


A comprehensive approach to understanding behavior and

supporting connection, communication, learning, and ease, for your child, Learning from Dylan stems from my experiences in nursing, brain science, deafblindness, cortical visual impairments, HANDLE, and parenting and teaching my son Dylan.


Observing a child's subtle communications from these combined perspectives, I help you uncover internal and external variables influencing your child's behavior, and identify which shifts in the environment, activities, supports, and expectations lead to more satisfaction and ease for your child.


When behavior seems unexplainable, or it seems there is nothing you can do, Learning from Dylan Consultations help families and professionals discover contributing internal and external influences, problem-solve possible solutions, and with the child as the guide, discover the right "what I can do" to support that child.  

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