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Redtail Neurodevelopmental Center

Client Services and Presentations at my office in Tucson, AZ

Services also available in your home or community or via Skype

Redtail hawk emerging from a sunburst - Helping brains and bodies work better through the HANDLE approach and more
Mission Statement
Redtail NC is... 

a place of hope, healing, and connection


a place where people come to be respected, supported, and understood and to experience change in everyday function


a place where caregivers come for hope and healing


a place for learning about neurodevelopmental differences, complex syndromes, and multiple sensory impairments

Thoughts about healing

The first time I heard that healing comes from the same root word as whole/holy/healthy, truth resonated within me.


As a Practitioner, I believe all people are inherently whole, and strive to be present to the wholeness of that person in all interactions.


I recognize individuals seek healing for themselves when there are disruptions in communication between mind, body, and spirit that interfere with daily life in some way.


Consistent with holistic nursing principles, I serve my clients as a therapeutic partner helping clients achieve change in areas that are important to them.


I believe all people function more or less efficiently depending on the combined impact of everything going on inside of and around them.


Working with clients to identify the internal and external factors contributing to their concern leads to new understanding and ways for clients and their families to achieve the change they seek.

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