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Learning from Dylan Model 2016.001.jpeg
Kim and Gracie, a school-aged girl, are involved in a HANDLE clapping pattern



Approach to


Neuro -


Development and





Although deafblind, Camila Rose and Kim connect face to face

Specializing in children with


   complex syndromes and 

     special medical needs,


   vision loss, hearing loss, or

     deafblindness and


   the adults who care for them


Dylan, a young man with CHARGE syndrome, is signing water as he sprays water on his plant in the redwood plantar box he made.

Learning from Dylan

An approach to understanding, supporting, and teaching children with complex sensory and medical needs

Brain-Based - what science tells us the brain needs in order to learn

Sensory Supported - what the body needs in order to receive, process, and use sensory information efficiently

Deafblind Education - the wholeness of deafblind principles and practices put into action

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