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I serve all individuals who want to experience more ease in their daily interactions and activities.

My specialty is children with medical conditions that interfere with typical development, including syndromes, sensory impairments, prematurity, brain injury, and developmental delays from unknown causes, and the adults who care for them.

Complex syndromes and other special medical needs


My passion is supporting positive development, when medical conditions get in the way.


My focus is on what can be done, rather than on what is wrong.

Kim holds 2 young children, both with glasses and hearing aides
Blurry image highlighting the connection between Kim and Kenzie, a school aged boy who became deafblind as a preschooler, his hands are in hers, as he lifts his head to look towards her
Deafblindness and sensory loss 


Beyond sensory stimulation, HANDLE provides a way to introduce predictable sensory information through repeated, organized, non-stressful movement patterns. 


This organized input often results in more organized output or function.  


And what is function? Function is how we walk, talk, sleep, behave etc. Function is what we do.



I support adults of all abilities.


Many adult clients seek improvement with a specific ongoing concern such as falling asleep when reading or motion sickness.


Others seek help when they notice a decline in their abilities and an increase in the amount of effort required for day to day life, often after a period of stress.

Milenda, an adult HANDLE client without special medical needs
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