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Milenda, an adult HANDLE client without special medical needs.

"Videos and traffic with fast action no longer leave me dizzy and confused.

Sitting in classes, and conferences is no longer stressful to me.  I can sit and attend without falling asleep.


Since these changes with HANDLE, and more, I've been able to use a computer for extensive periods of time and complete my master's degree.  I've also been able to drive in a city of 1.5 million without being triggered into confusion by lights, colors, or lines on highway embankments.  Vertical lines due to books on library bookshelves or home bookshelves also do not cause me stress.


Doing the HANDLE exercises changed my life and gave me increased ability to handle stress. I am so very, very grateful for the help you gave me!"

                                                 Nancy Dobbins

HANDLE® and Adults


Following five years of multiple stressors, I found previously simple tasks overwhelming and would tell people I could no longer juggle all my to do's, because I couldn't even balance myself.  


HANDLE helped me understand how the years of stress influenced my vestibular system - important for physical balance and the coordination of all sensory input except for that of smell, taste, and touch - resulting in an imbalance in how my sensory systems were able to take in, process, and use sensory information.  Not only did I feel out of balance, but from a HANDLE perspective, I literally was out of balance.


Through my own HANDLE program, I gently strengthened my vestibular system and the coordination of other sensory input.  As I regained balance in my sensory systems, I regained balance in my work and home life as well.  I could juggle life again.


My experience as a pediatric RN, combined with my experience as a parent of a child with special medical needs and deafblindness has shaped my expertise in these two areas.  It is my own experience with HANDLE that has led to my work with other adults.


One man in his fifties said to me, "I want the second half of my life to be easier than the first."


A woman came to me because she became so car sick after a simple u-turn she could not work for 2 days.


Another wanted help following multiple fender benders.


And many come after I work with their children, as they realize their own sensory systems could become stronger as well.


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