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Holistic Approach to NeuroDevelopment and Learning Efficiency

A gentle, respectful, person-centered approach to understanding behavior and supporting efficient function.

Kim and Gracie, a school-aged girl, are involved in a HANDLE clapping pattern

HANDLE is an approach designed to gently enhance neurological systems that are contributing to learning or life difficulties.


HANDLE is more than HANDLE activities; it is a synergistic coming together of developmental principles that leads to a way of thinking, a way of looking at human function—behavior—through a sensory lens. It is a way of looking for patterns in actions and responses that indicate where supports can be provided. 


People interested in HANDLE often

  • Want a holistic, home-based, person-centered approach

  • Want to understand contributing factors to developmental challenges

  • Want the person in their care to be better able to adapt and respond appropriately to the demands of changing environments

  • Suspect unresolved sensory processing problems

  • Want an approach that treats the person as a whole, taking into account interdependent physical and mental influences within each individual

What is HANDLE?

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Distinctive Features of HANDLE
  • Views the person as a whole

  • Looks beyond the labels for root causes of perplexing behaviors

  • Considers the person in relationship to his or her environment

  • Works globally, affects specifically

  • Provides a nonjudgmental observational evaluation

  • Enhances systems without stress through the principle of


"Life is so much easier now, for the twins, and for us parenting them."    Angie Donelson, Parent

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