Holistic Approach to NeuroDevelopment and Learning Efficiency

A gentle, respectful, person-centered approach to understanding behavior and supporting efficient function.

HANDLE is an approach designed to gently enhance neurological systems that are contributing to learning or life difficulties.


HANDLE is more than HANDLE activities; it is a synergistic coming together of developmental principles that leads to a way of thinking, a way of looking at human function—behavior—through a sensory lens. It is a way of looking for patterns in actions and responses that indicate where supports can be provided. 


People interested in HANDLE often

  • Want a holistic, home-based, person-centered approach

  • Want to understand contributing factors to developmental challenges

  • Want the person in their care to be better able to adapt and respond appropriately to the demands of changing environments

  • Suspect unresolved sensory processing problems

  • Want an approach that treats the person as a whole, taking into account interdependent physical and mental influences within each individual

What is HANDLE?

Much of the content for this page is from www.handle.org

Distinctive Features of HANDLE
  • Views the person as a whole

  • Looks beyond the labels for root causes of perplexing behaviors

  • Considers the person in relationship to his or her environment

  • Works globally, affects specifically

  • Provides a nonjudgmental observational evaluation

  • Enhances systems without stress through the principle of


"Life is so much easier now, for the twins, and for us parenting them."    Angie Donelson, Parent

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