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Learning from Dylan

Dylan is driving his mobility scooter, and looking towards the camera with an I can do it smile.

Welcome to Learning from Dylan.

It’s hard to believe it's been a year since I made perhpas my hardest decision ever, the decision to teach my son who has CHARGE syndrome and is deafblind in a team-driven, home and community based educational program.

As I took that flying leap of faith from school to home, I thought I would be teaching Dylan. In fact I have been Learning from Dylan. Perhaps Dylan being the teacher, and my being the student, is key to the joy we experience in what we call School-Home, as well as a key to Dylan’s noticeable and measurable improvement and progress in health, well-being, language, independence, and even in relationships since we started this adventure.

Learning from Dylan provides an opportunity for other parents, educators, and therapists to learn from Dylan as well. Dylan’s stories demonstrate:

  • putting deafblind principles into practice,

  • adjusting the environment to support engaged learning,

  • supporting the development of friendships,

  • teaching through routine, relationship, and Dylan’s interests,

  • responding to the medical and behavioral challenges of CHARGE, and so on…

In sharing these stories, I hope you will gain ideas of what you can do for your own child or student, no matter the setting. More importantly, I hope you experience hope. No matter the label, people can function at a higher level when their internal and external needs are balanced to minimize stress. Dylan shows us how.

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