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The Chicago Cubs - connecting Dylan with our family passion

I grew up a baseball fan, but used to laugh when my boyfriend, Roy would check the news at night to see if the Cubs won, since it seemed to me all they did was lose. But having grown up in St. Charles, IL, he was a Cubs Fan through and through.

Then we got married and moved to Phoenix, AZ. With WGN televising the Cubs and Spring Training at Hohokam Park as our main source of entertainment, this baseball fan became a Cubs fan. It helped that the year was 1984, a great first year to watch the Cubs win and win and win. Ryne Sandberg and Bobby Dernier as the Daily Double, Rick Sutcliffe on the mound, Jody Davis behind the plate. How we loved to watch these guys play. But then came October when I was introduced to the pain of the loss when everything had been set up for a “sure” win. Oh it hurt with those losses against San Diego and Steve Garvey, who we named the Cubs killer. Loss or not, I was already too far-gone with Cubs Fever, a condition I carry to this day.